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Is it raining applet case

Is it raining

Is it raining information

  • 发布时间: 18-03-10 Category: Mini Programs for Life Services Published: 18-03-10
  • 查看要求: 微信6.5.3及以上版本 Author: rain View Requirements: micro-channel version 6.5.3 and above

Is it raining?

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Is it raining applet case screenshot

  • Is it raining in Fuzhou Life Service Mini Programs Mini Programs Picture-0

  • Is it raining in Fuzhou Life Service Mini Program? Mini Program Picture -1

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  • Does Fuzhou Life Service Applet Rain? Applet Picture-3

Does it rain?

A simple weather app that displays live information and positioning functions, and prompts if you need to bring an umbrella and life tips.

Is it raining How to use:

  1. Use WeChat to scan the QR code at the top of the page to enter the rain
  2. Search " Is it raining " in WeChat to enter the applet

Rain? Developed by the Rain? Team and released on Fuzhou Mini Program Development on March 10, 2018

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