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Chunguang Air Energy, founded in 1999, is located in the eastern area of Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is one of the high-tech enterprises that introduced advanced heat pump technology from Germany and established a professional technology research and development center earlier in the country. The Chunguang water heater brand mainly covers three major business segments: domestic hot water units, commercial engineering units and floor heating units. The products are exported to more than 50 countries including Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Turkey, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Japan and South Korea, and have won QS, 3C, CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other domestic and foreign authoritative organizations certification. As of now, Chunguang has patents on high-temperature machines, patents for EVI triple supply units, patents for high-efficiency casing heat exchangers, and patents for triple supply all-in-one machines. The square series of new products that are mainly promoted by domestic hot water units, their extraordinary manufacturing technology and elegant and elegant design concept have created a new era of square aesthetics in the industry, blowing a new wave of buying for the air energy industry. This has greatly increased the market penetration rate of the entire air energy industry, and has enabled Chunguang Air to achieve a 200% increase in turnover for several consecutive years, setting a miracle in the growth of the air energy industry.

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