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Fuzhou security monitoring website case-Dongguan Weilan Instrument Co., Ltd.

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Dongguan Weilan Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in food safety, agricultural products, and ecological environment detection technology. It integrates research and development, production and sales. The factory is located in Dongguan, a famous manufacturing city in the world, with very convenient transportation. It is located 3 kilometers from the entrance of the Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway, adjacent to Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, and is the economic center of the Pearl River Delta.

At present, the company's main products are: food safety detectors, pesticide residue detectors, heavy metal detectors, grain and oil quality detectors, meat moisture analyzers, solid content detectors, veterinary drug residue detectors, halogen rapid moisture analyzers, agricultural product quality and safety Detector, soil heavy metal detector, and supporting detection reagents, etc.

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