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Fuzhou Marketing Enterprise Website Case: Meishi Automotive Interior Modification

Fuzhou Website Construction

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Shanghai Meishi Automotive Products Co., Ltd. is a solution provider specializing in automotive interior modification and upgrading. It currently has 33 employees and an operating area of 500 square meters. Its main business is automotive interior leather upgrade, automotive interior color modification, and commercial vehicles Modifications and upgrades, the Shanghai automobile bag leather seat series products of the "Timei Shi" brand, Shanghai automobile aviation seat modification project, automobile wood floor mats, automobile peach wood, carbon brazed maintenance accessories enjoy high reputation in the industry, carved The refined car interior modification and upgrade plan covers all high-end and middle-end models such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Masalati.

Website Case: Corporate Marketing Website (pc + Mobile)

Construction time: 2018

Fuzhou Website Construction Expert: Emerging Power Network

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