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Before building a website, you must understand the hidden rules
  • Search engine decision
  • Website visits
  • On the Internet, the Baidu search engine occupies approximately 72.84% of the market share, so whether a website can be indexed by Baidu friendly is very important! The website you can come to now is probably through Baidu!
  • The website built has no effect
  • It ’s a waste to make a website for only a few hundred dollars
  • In physics, you often see such a problem: the force on the wall does not make the wall move, so the work on the wall is equal to zero. It seems that you spend hundreds of dollars to buy a cheapest finished product website. Problem, but it has never been effective. Then your work is equal to zero, and these hundreds of dollars are wasted!
  • Station building company
  • Choose carefully
  • Do you find it easy to make a website? So just find a web construction company and build a website and you're done? As a result, the information is not yours, you can't get the data, and even if there is a problem, it can't be solved, even after a few months the company disappeared ...
Why do you build a website
  • New company's website?
  • Choice is more important than hard work!
  • Is there a budget?
  • Is there a specific need?
  • Is there a reference site?
  • What is the purpose and purpose of the website?
  • Need a website revision or upgrade?
  • Planning, design, and service levels are more important!
  • Website is not included, not ranked?
  • The website has no credibility, sales power, low conversion rate, and low enquiries?
  • The website is not beautiful, unprofessional, and seriously affects the brand image?
  • Website functions need to be optimized, increased, improved, and enhanced user experience?
We suggest: Define the requirements, the satisfaction and success rate of building the site will be higher!

New Power Marketing Website

We know you need more than just a website, but a salesman who can bring your inquiry

  • Shaping corporate strength for you!
  • Improve your brand image!
  • Enhance your product competitiveness!
  • Show you the advantages of differentiation!
  • To achieve leapfrog development for you!
  • Honesty
  • Brand
  • Competitiveness
  • Advantage
  • development of
3 elements of a marketing website
  • find you
  • Let your target customers find you with Baidu search
  • doing what
  • Let customers know what you do at a glance
  • contact you
  • Let customers actively contact you after browsing the website
  • Ultra-low construction cost

  • Marketing ability

  • Powerful SEO functions

  • Intimate after-sales technical support