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Small programs, not just small

5 advantages to help merchants seize the small program, the first wave of new retail dividends

9 亿月活的超级流量红利 Nearby mini program 900 million monthly live super traffic bonus
无需下载安装,微信入口,获客成本低 No download required, no need to download and install after scanning the code , WeChat portal, low customer acquisition cost
页面切换无延迟,样式美观,兼容性好 Good user experience, comparable to APP page switching without delay, beautiful style, good compatibility
互相跳转,无缝打通 The public account and the applet data interchange with each other, seamlessly connected
支持一键分享好友及微信群,带来更多的互动性 One-click sharing supports one-click sharing of friends and WeChat groups, bringing more interactivity

One-stop ultimate service

Concentrating on design is not intoxicated by yourself; immersed in details, it is not necessary to compare the baht; devoted to every piece of work, just to impress yourself and you who stay here!

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100+成功案例 5 years of R & D experience 100+ successful cases

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With the attitude of excellence, every small program is carefully crafted

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